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We provide professional stone cleaning, masonry cleaning and facade cleaning services in Newcastle upon Tyne and throughout North East England.

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Masonry, Stone and Facade Cleaning Specialists

We use the latest masonry cleaning technology to ensure best results; by using a controllable stream of high pressure water and steam, we gently remove stains and sanitise stone surfaces & walls, providing an efficient and environmentally friendly stone cleaning solution.

  • Superheated water and steam cleaning quickly removes grime, moss, fungi and other biological matter, also killing spores and eliminating the source of biological growth.
  • Graffiti removal, carbon deposit removal, bitumen removal and paint removal is achieved without causing damage.
  • A specialist system which is gentle, safe and effective for stonework and brick masonry; All masonry is cleaned with a soft wash system avoiding any abrasive which will damage the building fabric.

We are Newcastle’s number one stone cleaning company and offer a wide range of masonry cleaning services for both domestic and commercial clients. Please read on. 

Sandstone cleaning services

Our sandstone cleaning services return sandstone back to its original colour by gently cleaning and removing common stains such as black spots, salt stains, moss, algae, mould and carbon buildup from your property. We offer the following professional sandstone cleaning services within a 60 miles radius of Newcastle upon Tyne;

  • Cleaning of sandstone buildings & houses
  • Sandstone wall cleaning
  • Sandstone lintel cleaning
  • Sandstone bay window cleaning
  • Sandstone masonry cleaning
  • Sandstone patio cleaning

Please follow this link if your sandstone requires repair and restoration.

Stone & Masonry Cleaning
Stonework Cleaning Services

Stonework cleaning services

Our professional stone cleaning services will restore your stone back to its former glory by removing common stonework stains such as oil & grease, dirt, moss, algae, grime and environmental carbon build-up. We offer the following stonework cleaning services within a 60 miles radius of Newcastle upon Tyne;

  • Driveway cleaning
  • Path cleaning
  • Block paving cleaning
  • Memorial cleaning
  • Statue & monument cleaning

Please follow this link if your stonework requires repair and restoration.

Building facade cleaning services

Over time building facades develop staining which is mostly caused by environmental factors such as carbon build-up, algae and moss. RGPRS can gently and effectively clean your building facade back to ‘as new’, restoring your property back to its original condition. Our professional building facade cleaning services include;

  • Removal of carbon build-up from buildings
  • External facade cleaning
  • BMU facade cleaning
  • Sandstone facade cleaning
  • Limestone facade cleaning
  • House facade cleaning

Please follow this link if your facade requires repair and restoration.

To make an enquiry or request a free no obligation quote please get in touch.

Facade Cleaning Service
Brick Wall Cleaning Service

Brick & wall cleaning services

Over time bricks & walls can develop common stains such as black carbon stains, algae stains, white efflorescence stains caused by salts or cement, or brown stains caused by lime mortar reacting with the elements and/or iron rusting. These stains can make your walls look dirty and untidy so a professional brick cleaning company is often required to return your walls back to their original colour. 

RGPRS are the number one Newcastle brick cleaning specialists and offer exterior brick cleaning services throughout North East England. We cover all brickwork cleaning and wall cleaning services including steam and chemical cleaning solutions if required. Please get in touch to make an enquiry or to request a quote.

Please follow this link if you require structural repairs to brick and stone walls.

Algae, moss & fungi removal services

Wondering how to remove green algae from stone? How to remove moss or fungus from stone? Or maybe how to clean moss from sandstone? Whatever your problem RGPRS have an effective solution. In most cases the answer is the same; and that is by using a mixture of pressured water and steam to ensure the stone remains clean for as long as possible, preventing any immediate regrowth caused by leftover particles or spores. However, in order to do this effectively you must have adjustable water pressure with steam to ensure that you do not damage or weaken the stone during the cleaning process. Such technology is not generally available so this is where a professional stone cleaning company comes to the rescue.

At RGPRS we offer a professional fungi, algae and moss removal service from all types of stone. We can safely and gently clean moss from a driveway, clean algae from walls, or achieve tarmac moss removal without the use of harsh chemicals. Get in touch for a free quote today.

Algae, Moss & Fungi Removal Services
Paint & Graffiti Removal Services

Paint & graffiti removal services

RGPRS professional graffiti removal services offer an eco friendly graffiti removal solution to your problem by using a mix of high pressured water with steam to remove paint from stone and brick surfaces. Graffiti removal from a brick wall (or stone) can be achieved very quickly and effectively using this method, whilst having minimal effect on the environment. We offer:

  • Eco friendly graffiti removal from brick walls
  • Eco friendly graffiti removal from stone surfaces
  • Eco friendly paint removal from brick or stone surfaces

RGPRS are the number one Newcastle Graffiti Removal Company covering Tyneside and North East England. Graffiti removal costs will differ depending on the size and difficulty of the job so please get in touch for a free no-obligation quote.

Terracotta Cleaning Services

RGPRS offer terracotta cleaning services in Newcastle upon Tyne and throughout North East England. We offer a gentle and effective solution to cleaning and restoring terracotta back to its original colour by using pressured water and steam. RGPRS offer the following terracotta cleaning services;

  • Terracotta building cleaning
  • Terracotta brick cleaning
  • Terracotta stone cleaning
  • Terracotta tile cleaning
  • Terracotta chimney cleaning

Please get in touch to make an enquiry or to request a free no obligation quote.

Terracotta Cleaning Services

Why choose RGPRS?

20+ Years

RG Property Restoration Services have over 20 years of experience working as a stonemason within property and building restoration. Within this period we have gained a vast wealth of specialist stonemason knowledge and skills, which allow us to comfortably deal with any stonemasonry and restoration project.

Fully Insured

Have peace of mind knowing that in the unlikely event damage to your property was to occur, RG Property Restoration Services are fully insured to cover such instances. We have never had to use our insurance to date, but it is reassuring to know that it's there if needed.

All Works

All of our work comes with a 1-10 year guarantee depending on the application. In the majority of cases our work will last for many decades, but this can depend on individual circumstances. Please ask us how your guarantee could be affected when getting a quote.

Fully Trained &
Competent Staff

We take great care in fully training our stonemasons to the highest standards in order to deliver the best results for our clients. Our stonemasons hold all necessary accreditations, qualifications, work passes and permits, which allow them to legally work on site within the UK.

Customer Satisfaction

RG Property Restoration Services offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee to all of our clients. This ensures that all of our clients will be absolutely satisfied with the work carried out (as per the original agreement) before the job is signed off as complete.

& Reliable

We promise to deliver a most professional and reliable service from start to finish throughout every aspect of your job. To deliver high quality craftsmanship we only use high quality materials. We arrive on the job when we say we will, and our stonemasons work to your agreed deadline.

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Masonry & stone cleaning FAQ

As we use equipment that outputs steam there is smaller volumes of water, therefore the building is less saturated allowing it to dry within hours.

This depends on the size of the building or items to clean, also how heavily stained the building fabric is. this will be determined on a site visit when the works are assessed.

Yes, all works are fully covered within our insurance.

The price of professional stone cleaning is dependant on multiple factors such as the type of stone, size of the job, current stone condition, property accessibility. To request a free no obligation quote please get in touch via our contact page.